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FBG Group’s mission is to bridge the gap for singles, seniors and families that have been displaced and are now homeless for various reasons. We are the bridge that connects the homeless population to a safe, functioning and thriving living environment.  Within this mission our goal is to help eradicate homelessness with a sense of compassion, respect, love and integrity which serves as the pulse of our organization.
FBG Group Helping People 1 Bed at a Time.


Our organization really cares about the homeless population here in Southern California, and we want to encourage them to keep moving forward. We run a clean and positive housing company with the hopes of helping our tenants reach the next level. We specialize in doing this one bed at a time!



FBG Group is a foundational staple in the community prepared to assist anyone that is in a life altering situation that has left them vulnerable or in a helpless position that could affect their future progress.  More specifically the FBG Group provides housing to veterans, members of the LGBTQ community, people with mental health challenges, those recovering from drug or alcoholism and those people who have fallen into difficult circumstances and just need a temporary home to stay in while they re-calibrate their lives before returning to independent living. This group of people can range from transitional age youth to our seniors that have become homeless. 

FBG gives our tenants the support and foundation needed to achieve and make practical progress in life while transitioning to a state of independence and stability. Our program is built upon the foundation of responsibility, integrity and accountability. One of the goals for FBG Group is to provide a quality and sound living environment that cultivates the character of independence. We also encourage each individual to identify with personal responsibilities and to be accountable for one’s own actions. Part of that responsibility is to maintain good hygiene, help keep the facility clean and to also keep one’s bedroom and bed area in order. If there are tenets that would like to discuss short, mid, and long-term life goals, then our staff will set aside the time to work with them. This strategy provides a blueprint for helping individuals to achieve their goals. FBG strives to be a solid springboard that can help people bounce back.




Application for tenants (general information)
Month to month lease
Accept payments from third parties
Proof of income
No credit check
Single and double occupancy rooms
Total independence
Case Management (when assigned or mandated)
No curfew
2 year maximum stay 
Security cameras
Complimentary Cable Tv and WiFi 


I called FBG Group and told them I was homeless... Before I knew it, I was moved in, off the street, and  able to get stable. Now I'm working and can take care of myself!

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